One week ago I got a fever plus headache and cough. My schedule on defending my thesis would be held in Wednesday. Because of the fever, the schedule being rearranged into Saturday.

On Thursday, my advisor asked me to come to Plenary Hall JCC. There, I and the other contestants were participating on Building Map Application Competition. I waited my presentation turn with chill (the air conditioner was damn cool) and cough. Although I thought my cough got worse, I felt good about the competition. This was the place where the judges were professionals.

On Saturday, finally I got to defense my thesis. With a little dizzy sensation, I could explain about the system to the advisors. But, also because of my dizzy head, I couldn’t answer a lot of question. In the end, they said that I passed the exam.

And now, almost one week after the sick. I still got cough and sometimes got a tired feeling if I traveled for a long period. I hope I’ll be okay soon. I think I’ll check my blood on the next Saturday.

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