Am I gonna die?

He? Off course you’ll die. Every living things in this world will be die.

When will it comes?

I don’t know. It can be anytime. One year later, one month, or maybe right after you write this.

Are you gonna die too?

I am you and you are me. If you die, I’m gonna disappear too..

Can we defend ourselves from the death?

I don’t think so. If that is your time, then you’ll die. Nobody can’t stop it.

So what should I do?

Just one sentence. PREPARE TO DIE!!

P.S. Happy fasting.. :D

4 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Uhm, I'm not very good at making a comment in English.. but let me try..

    Aripppp! ! !

    Domain, *sob* I envy it…

    I never thought that you have already make a new one!

    All I know your posting blogs lately become less and less… From my blogs roll..

    hu.. hu.. hu… how could you?

    Hidding something in your sleeve like this,

    (looks like this comment will make arif the bad guys)

    by the way, Congratulation on your new Site Rip!

    looks like you had a great tendency to escape from Third Party chain…

    Maybe I'll stuck with Third Party for a little while,


    P.S. I'll use this site on blogs roll instead of your wordpress address okay~

  2. he3.. actually I already had this domain since May 08, but I just used it lately.. :P
    if u want one I can give u some hints.. :D
    and FYI, I’m still updating my wordpress blog, so maybe u can create two blogrolls like Danu did..

    see u around.. :D

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