Several days ago, there was a small fight on Ilkomerz 41’s mailing list. In this holy month, some of my friends wanted to arrange a gathering party while waiting for Maghrib pray. One of my friends that has been worked in Jakarta didn’t want the gathering party held in Dramaga (near my campus). She said that the place was too far away. She has been negotiating with another friends and agreed that the gathering will be held on Bumbu Desa, one of the Sundanese Restaurant in Bogor.

On the other hand, there were also friends of mine that didn’t agree with her. He wanted the gathering held in Dramaga because there was still a lot of Ilkomerz who lived there. The second reason was the price of food in Bumbu Desa wasn’t cheap. The argue took some posts but finally it has been decided. The gathering in Bumbu Desa still will be held on Saturday, Sept 13th. The choice had been given. Anyone who wanted to come must listed his/her name. If they didn’t wanna come, so be it. A little tragic, but it can’t be helped. I think that this was a happy ending. 

Thinking about gathering party make me remember the gathering party held by my class in high school. For two years, we didn’t held it anymore. I will say it that I feel kinda missed that moments. Maybe my friends in Semarang was too busy to arranged the gathering. Or maybe we, who were studying outside Semarang, was too lazy to help them arranged it. I don’t know, but I really want the gathering in Semarang alive again. I missed you guys..

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  1. your comments was caught as a spam, and I’m know it just now.. so I’m sorry…

    U’re right,, maybe if we can’t all of our class members.. some of us still can gathering, right?… :D
    so where is the place?? Don’t tell me it’s a game center.. :P

  2. From the long distance I hear,

    looks like there are someone speaking about game center…

    or maybe, it's just my imagination…


  3. it's a pity to you and your schoolmates…

    right until this year, my schoolmates are still able to get together at least once a year; in buka bareng event :happy:

    i should be more thankful, ne? :silly:

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