Today, September 15th, was the first day of graduation ceremony’s registration. I got there with Ferdian, but he has to take some money first. So I, alone, walked to the place. There were some people, not so crowd, but still it’s a lot of people. I used my height to find my mates in Ilkom, but I didn’t see one. I took a deep breath and tried to figure out how these registration works.
Fortunately, I found my old boarding house friend. I asked him what should I do, and he gave me some hints to work it out. So, I wrote my name on the registration form and placed it into the first registration booth. The right side was crowded with people so I took the left side. Curious, I stood near the booth and read the situation.
It just a minute or so when Ferdi came. I told him what should he do and waited again near the booth. Not long after that, some of my friends finally appeared. But, they took on the right side. I’ve told them to place the form on the left side wich was less crowded, but they didn’t listen. Uh well, mind your own business then.

Another few minutes, and my name was called. I got some paper back, then I went to the queue on second booth. Although the queue was so long, but it only took a minute to get to the edge. I gave my and Ferdi’s papers and waited my name to be called. These time took the most time.
When the caller reached the microphone, me and Ferdi took a caution. But our name didn’t call yet for three or four turns. It was my name which was called first. I took my invitation letter (for my parents) and some papers to take the graduation suit.

J.K. Rowlings novel (image courtesy of
J.K. Rowling's novel (image courtesy of

So I switched to the third booth, the last one. One thing that people around me worrying about was the size of the suit. Okay, it took me also. But when I got to the edge, the officer chose the size for me. So I took it and found some place comfy to try the suit. Well, the size was L and it fitted on me. Using this suite reminded me to a wizard in J.K. Rowling’s famous novels. Ferdi, Syadid, Halida, and Pandu joined me then. They all tried their suits, while I was taking a break.
After they all tried their suits, we went to the Career Development Division. We wanted to join the pre-graduation preparation seminars for job seeker and job maker. After chose the time and registered, we were going to our own directions. Me? I was going home. And now, I was registered!

P.S. The ceremony will be held on October 22nd in Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW) building.

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  1. HorayyY!!! I'm the first one who give a comment in this new lay out!

    syalalalla dududum….


    by childish side of dapit

  2. Umm, i it’s okay. But i think it was better with the previous theme.

    the essence of a blog is the writing right? :ninja:

  3. I like this theme because it makes me feel passionate to write more.. :wub: :wub:

    I still didn't like the posting font. I think I'll change the typography between this week.. :cool::cool:

  4. congratulation for the upcoming graduation ceremony…
    maybe you could still attend the one at 02.2009, when my name would be listed as one of the wisudawati? :heart:

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