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Some people who noticed about me back in Bogor said that I was thinner than before. Yup, that was because of the sickness I got couple weeks ago, okay maybe a month ago. The sickness just left cough in my body, the others were fortunately gone with peace, Alhamdulillah.

All the doctors that I’ve been visited (well, just two actually) didn’t take this cough seriously and gave me the ordinary cough syrups. When on the fourth week it didn’t heal, I got a feeling that this cough was extraordinary. So I told myself to check up my lungs when I got home, Semarang. This cough successfully took my weight dramatically.

Home sweet home
Home sweet home

So, finally I got home. My beloved mom who saw me asked me why I become so thin. “Just like your late grandfather”, so she said. She then asked me to eat a lot while I was at home. It means one things, there will be a lot of foods at home. Yippi.. Just to make sure, my mom asked me again if my eating sense was dropping. And I said, “no mam, I just haven’t enough food to eat back there”. This night I wrote this, she prepared one of my fave, fried Lele with sambals. It’s eating time!!

P.S. I’ll check up near this week. Hope It isn’t bad. Wish me luck.. :D

4 thoughts on “At Home

  1. Hohohoo… if it's detected as a flex and/or TB, there any possibilities that your lungs will be given by a "little" injection… with a "local area" anesthetize… Then "vacummed" with a little pipe made from plastic (it's called difusion or whatever).

    Hmm.. looks like I try to scaring arip about something, but maybe it's just only my imagination… :whistle:

  2. the third doctor yesterday said that my cough was bronchitis. She gave me five days medicine and told me to come back if I haven't recovered yet.

    well, I hope I'll recover soon. Don't you scare me, okay.. :tongue:

  3. I think I’ve heard about this weird game.. but never participate yet.. lemme see it first..

    Actually I couldn’t give a comment on multiply because I didn’t have account there.. so I think I’ll linked to your LiveJournal.. :angel:

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