Just a Little Bit..

Before I got back to Bogor, I got the feeling that something will happen. I still got works to do from the previous day, added with a new work that comes up. But at least, that day, I still believe that my graduation administration stuffs have been completed. But it not..

Not far from five days ago, I got a no-name call. That time, I was still working on my new (well, you could say) job. It was local phone. Not long after that the call followed by another call. This time from a cellphone number. Unfortunately, I couldn’t picked up all these call because (I don’t know why) I didn’t notice it at all. The story didn’t end here.

The next day, when I was paying my boarding room’s bill, the clerk told me that I got a phone call from my academic division of my faculty. I felt little shocked there, but I couldn’t went there because it already dark outside. My mind kept thinking, “what’s wrong??”

So on the last day before weekend, afternoon, I went there. Just asking why they called me. They said that there was mistake in my graduation letter. I shouldn’t got the CL because I got one C in my basic course. I had to gave the graduation letter back to them and they will replace it with the new one. Hardly to said, my graduation letter (the real one) has been submitted into the academic division of campus. And I think all of my friends around the campus did the same way. How could they possibly didn’t know about the procedure?? So then, they said that they would try to fix it for me, and asked me to back on the first day after weekend. It’s all because the one who took the responsibility for it has already going home.

It wasn’t because the downgrade from CL that bothers me. It’s about how will I get the copies of my graduation letter back?? I already used it for my dad (he said he need it to stop the subsidy that government gave to us) and the bank (to close my account). I just can remember these two, what about the others?? I hope this will solve clean and peacefully.

Thanks for reading anyway,, have a nice day…

4 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit..

  1. So… how was the story ended? I’m curious…
    What did you mean by the “Graduation Letter”? Was it SKL or something else?

    Also, I seem to have some problem in leaving comments in your website. The WP-script always said “Please enable your javascript and cookies”… it’s annoying coz I dunno what’s wrong :-(

  2. — hey, this comment actually went well!
    but… on the last one… I’m too lazy to re-type all the sentences :((

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