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When I was a student, I worked mostly using internet. At that time, the connection at my campus was awesome. I could spend an hour or three surfing the world wide web. Addiction finally caught me. Even at my boardroom, I registered into internet service provided there. I could spent my time on the blue nowhere back then.

Right now, when I was at home, I could find them. There were some internet cafe, but still I didn’t feel like go there. So I always try to find some ways to get connected. There was internet connection provided by telephone service company. I just need to dial up to them and I’ll get connected. But it costs a lot.

One of the alternatives I used was using my CDMA phone as a modem. Using time-based counting, it costs half than the default internet I mentioned before. This connection speed was still better than the default. So I kinda enjoy it, until now.

Couple weeks ago, the telephone company called my dad and gave him an advertisement about internet connection. As a lecturer, they would give my dad a discount if he subscribe to them. The speed was better than the default they gave using dial-up. They provided two packets, time-based or volume-based counting. With the same cost, we could choose 50 hours or 1GB internet connection. Which one should I choose?

At first I was thinking choosing 50 hours. With this option, I think I could download some resources in the net with no volume limitation. I told this option to my dad and he told it to the agent that came to the house. Two days later, the installation guy came. After installation, we got confirmation that the connection for us was volume-based. I felt some disappoint with this. The guy told me that we can change the option in the next month.

After some days playing with the connection, dunno why, I felt the volume-based maybe not a bad options. I could spent hours browsing the net or writing blog with lower cost. It’s because the idle pages didn’t send or receive packages. I couldn’t do this using time-based option. At last, I think I wouldn’t change the option, and stand still with the volume-based instead. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Internet at Home

  1. heyy,, an internet connection by a telephone company?? i think i know what you’re talkin’ about..
    Do you ever try Telkomsel Flash??it has an unlimited bandwith with only Rp.125k per month (if you already have a 3G phone or modem) or Rp.250k per month for a year (3G modem provided)..

    (arggghhhh,,, did i sound like a salesman??)

    btw, so you’re now settle in your old man house?? really nice.. finally, i have somewhere to go when i’m going home in semarang :D

  2. I ever heard about it. But, still it’s not only my decision to make..
    If I could choose, I prefer Indosat 3.5G.. with only Rp.100k/month I got unlimited bandwidth.. the modem costs Rp.1.2M tough..

    Yeah, I’m on my parents. Actually I don’t know what to do right now… come here if you like..

  3. kulo nggih ngangge telephone network n service provider’s internet connection, yoiku tempat bapakku kerjo.entuk diskon 50% khusus modem, hehehe.kulo nggih volume based soale jarang ndownload…

  4. I have the one with volume-based installed in my house, too. Every member of the family is using it. By ‘every member’, I count them to five person at least – you know, I have a rather large family.

    The best thing of this program is the FREE USAGE PROMOTION which will ends at January next year. Actually that’s what makes me stay with the connection. Because I really love the pictures, videos, softwares, downloads, starting from 8 PM to 8 AM. I could go all night when I had to.

    At 8 AM to 8 PM, I never had my browser displayed any pictures. And it makes browsing dull and ugly. But hey, I need to compromise with the limited quota, rite? As long as I got the text from the website — as that’s what I need most — then I’ll go with it.

    Well, I’m starting to considering the Telkomsel Flash thing — as I just happened to get a brand-new 3G phone in my hand (he he, alhamdulillah.) Does it do good? Anybody knows?

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