Breadcrumbs and Permalink

A new year was coming! What should I do? :ketawa: just kidding.. So what’s new in this new year?

When I was in college, one of my teacher told me (and the rest of the class) about the importance of usability. In this context, I was talking about web usability. And because of that, I want to add some–I called it–improvement to at least enhance this blog’s usability.

Sometimes, when people browse on some websites, they got lost. They don’t remember where they come from and find it difficult to go back to the page before. Even I don’t think people could get lost in a blog, I added breadcrumb anyway. In this blog, I used plugin called Breadcrumb NavXT. I just configured it so it only appear when the readers opened the complete post pages.

The next one is about permalink. Besides this self-hosted blog, I also wrote posts in Indonesian using services. The difference I rerealized first was about the permalinks. Using, I got the link for my post like these:

It’s human readable, right? But when I first used the self-hosted blog, here was the link I got:

Unreadable! But relax, we can configure it on the WordPress Dashboard. It’s on Settings > Permalinks. Here I set it so it will gave me nice and readable permalinks.

Why is it important? The latter was unreadable so people will never remember about your post links. And, I read it from somebooks, the first type was easy to track by search engine’s crawlers and spiders. It will gave more points on search results.

Do you have any enhancement to share?? Feel free to tell me.. :wow:

3 thoughts on “Breadcrumbs and Permalink

  1. As short as I know.. :)

    the breadcrumb is not a must. If we have more than 3 levels to find the real content, we may put it properly.

    Talk about the permalinks. How many people will remember the full URIs correctly? In my opinion, short URIs/URLs will only affect keywords optimization. cmiiw

  2. yeah, breadcrumb is not a must.. It depends on the complexity of the site..

    about the permalinks.. you're right, I would say that I used it for keywords optimization.. But to be honest, the "human readable" one is more trustworthy…

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