Ads or No Ads

It has been a month now since I’m working on Ilkomerz 41’s aggregator. Still, there are some features that I want to add there. One of them is Google Adsense. It’s not a secret anymore that blog could make some bucks using this service. Adsense will provided ads that match with the contents of your site/blog. And if anyone clicks it, you will earn some money. That’s the simple point of view.

I’ve been talking to some of my friends concerning this act. Well, some said that it will be a bug when they read the posts. But from another perspective, it will generate some to paid the–future planning–hosting and domain. I also think that it may help one of us who in needs. But that still far in the future.

Registering for ads is simple. As usual, you just need to enter some information about you and your site there. But that was just a beginning. The real game starts after you finish signing up. Here, you must designing the ads so that it will blend perfect with your theme, placing it correctly, and also start writing contents with good quality. That’s the first step from site owner. After that, you still need to promote, build linking with another site, and also keep find out the best SEO technique to applied.

Generating revenue from ads wasn’t easy. But the exciting learning process was worth to try. So I will ask you again my friends, should we add some ads?

2 thoughts on “Ads or No Ads

  1. i think you could try it

    then if it works properly in our aggregator

    u can post "how to add google adsense in web and how to promote it etc" in your web

    i'll be waiting for the post hehehe

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