Blogroll on a Page

Most of the WordPress users place the blogroll on the sidebar. But with the increasing number of links added, the sidebar won’t look so good anymore. This problem finally falls into me. So I wanna find a way to list the blogroll on a separate page.

Google brought me to a plugin (for WordPress) called Blogroll Page. I downloaded and tried it. It was easy-to-configure and works fine. But it only lists the links from my blogroll without its category. So then, I read the code and checked the databases, and I said, “I think I could do something about it”.

Minutes later, I modified the code (luckily, it’s GPL). It took some times after finally the plugin could show categories and links inside it. Now, you could download it for free. You could see it works on my class’s aggregator links page.

Here are the installation instruction:

  1. Download the blogroll-page-with categories
  2. Extract it and place it on your plugins folder
  3. Create new post or page for your links and write in its content:


  4. You could change the Open links on a new window and the Support links options on the Settings > Blogroll Page. I didn’t change it.
  5. That’s all folks!

Hope this plugin will help you. As usual comments are welcome.

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