Wireless at Home

Wireless network at my house
Wireless network at my house

Meet my sister! She was addicted with Instant Messaging. With the coming of Internet at our home, she spent her time on it more. So, there were two people but only one PC connected to the clouds. How to solve this problem?

Lucky for me, as a networking apprentice, I got another PC with wireless device. So I created wireless network at our house. Now, me and my sister could get access to the clouds at the same time on our own machine. How I did it?

The picture above shows the network structure I made to solve this problem. The phone and modem were located on the first floor. I connected the modem to the PC-with-wireless-device. I, then, enabled the Internet sharing on this PC. After that, I configured the first-floor-PC as an access point. And then, I configured another PC-with-wireless-device to make a peer-to-peer connection with the first PC. Here, the second PC could connected to the clouds as long as it got wireless access to the first PC. Even if it was on the second floor, which is my bedroom.

Although right now we could get connected together, there was minor problem. Sometimes, because of the wireless factor, the connection from the access point (first PC) was lost. Just temporary, but it’s a little bug to me. Anyway, now we could access internet together without a fight.

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  1. Well, same like you but in a cheaper way. :ngupil:
    All that I need :
    2 PC 2 LAN card 1 handphone (connect using IM2) 1 cable data (connecting PC and handphone) 1 cable LAN (connect PC – PC) :ngudut: .
    On each PC TCP/IP settings, set to DHCP/Automatic.
    Open network connections, check sharing this connection.
    Done. :ketawa:

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