Waiting for OS

Really, when campus’s license now gone, I was thinking about finding some alternatives. There were two OS that caught my attention.

The first one: Ubuntu. Who doesn’t know this the DistroWatch’s most-popular-linux-distribution? It’s simple, easy to use, and has great repositories. I’ve been using this OS for almost two years now, and it’s just get better on every new version released. Because of my bandwidth limitation, I ordered a copy of it last month. It hasn’t arrive yet (since I write this).

The second OS that made me curious was OpenSolaris. It has unique features like ZFS and Time Slider. I really want to try it. Even it still young, it’s already a worthy opponent of Ubuntu. I’ve ordered a copy too, but same as Ubuntu, it hasn’t arrived yet.

I think I’ll just be patient and wait. Hope they will come soon..

6 thoughts on “Waiting for OS

  1. Well.. I dunno anything about OpenSolaris, but thanks for getting my attention :)
    Oh ya, I like the logo design of your website :)
    Did you make it by Photoshop?

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