Conecting to DSL from Ubuntu 8.10

Finally, my Ubuntu shipping has arrived yesterday. Without waiting, I installed this OS to my machine. You know, open source OS like Linux, depends on its repositories in the clouds. So, I figured it out how to connect via my DSL internet connection using this distribution. This is how I do it:

  1. Turn on your modem and plug in your LAN Cable from modem to your ethernet device.
  2. Right click your Network Manager Applet (located on top right of your Ubuntu desktop) and click on Edit Connection.
  3. Pick the DSL tab and Click on the Add button.
  4. A window will appear, and on the DSL tab enter your username, service name, and password.

    I’m on Indonesia, and using Telkom Speedy service. So this is my configuration:
    Connection Name: Speedy
    Service: speedy
    Password: myspeedypassword

  5. Click OK when you’re done, and exit the Network Manager.
  6. Next, left clik on the Network Manager Applet and click on connection name we configured on previous step. In my case, the connection name was Speedy.
  7. Wait until they connecting to the server, and when it’s done, there you go,, you’ve been connected.

Go ahead and try it. I’m waiting for your comment.

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