Stop It

There was once a public figure in my country said that blogging is activity for people who doesn’t have work to do. You know what?, maybe he’s right. I’ve been working on my class’s aggregator site for just two months, and didn’t get statisfied response from them. Maybe they just busy on their works, and what I’m doing on the aggregator just bugging them. So then, I’ll not forced them to fulfill my childish request anymore. I’ll shut down the site and won’t bug them no more. Anyway thanks for all the support given to me on the past. Hope I’ll see you again.

14 thoughts on “Stop It

  1. …jadi beneran gak dilanjutin nih? :(( said "This domain is available for FREE…

    for further information, send email to ilkomerz.41.ipb[at]"

    I don't even have the opportunity to take a peek :"(

  2. I shut the site down,, because didn't get better solution.

    If all of you want it up again..

    then give me some support,,.. and traffic.. :)

  3. yup..
    i’ve deployed some forum engines, but didn’t get expected responses or traffics when they were up n running. i still remember in the beginning it was so …. then …. yeah u know.

    its poor of us doing such things with tiny responses where as we don’t get any payment :)

  4. I'm very sorry for this coz i'm one of your classmate that not response for your warning..maybe we have to solve this problem..don't be desperate..every problem has a solution

  5. come on, rif…

    you have to keep trying to take care of this aggregator, although i am one of your friend who not response quickly (sory for this :wow: )..

    But i believe..

    You can keep the aggregator, and our friend take care this too…

  6. @Halida:

    no need to apology.. it's totally my fault..

    I felt like a child which was sitting after some superheroes..

    While the heroes try to save the world, the child just bragging to get the heroes autograph..

    So,, I won't be that child no more.. Go,, save the world..


    yes,, I'll keep it for myself..

  7. riff… ita padahal seneng lho ada aggregator, meskipun miskin pengunjung lhoo… jadi ita tau update terbaru anak2 ilkom. kayanya juga hampir tiap hari aku liat… huhuhhu

    sedih juga sih kehilangan

  8. Just halted it..

    Maybe next time, if I had better solution, or just better situation,, I'll reopen it (again)..

    So,, why didn't u stay tuned at this blog instead??

  9. My dearest friends Sidudun a.k.a. arifn. I'm agree with Ita. I like our current aggregator. And about support from your friends (include me), I'm sorry to not give you the support.


    I like your writing style about "in the beginning it was so …. then …. yeah u know" it really straight to the point.

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