Bluw Themes (Beta) Launched..

If you see my theme coloured in blue right now, that means you are looking to my first (successful) themes. This themes created by me, and still under-development. For this time being, may be I’ll not release this theme to public. I have no confidence yet. But maybe I’ll do it someday.

Oke, I’ll explain about this theme. The name was Bluw. It was really simple theme, using two columns, consists of one sidebar and content. Maybe there’s some issues, but I’ll fix it in the process.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome…

8 thoughts on “Bluw Themes (Beta) Launched..

  1. :hi: i like this..

    when i tried to type tab key for navigation to next field, it didn't work as i thought. the navigation always bring me to submit button.

    keep on fire hehehe…

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