Super User? Yeah, right..

Hi there,

I have a habit. I usually turn on my YM when I was online. Nothing special, huh? I guess most of the people did that. Lately, some of my friends asked me a question. Why I have some small crown icon near my YM’s status. I didn’t notice that. Because I can’t see my own status when I was online, right? I didn’t know about that, so I told them that maybe YM thinks that I was a king. Lame, right?


YM "special icon"
YM "special icon"

Yesterday, when I was bored, I saw all of the features in my YM. When I click my photo, I could see that crown icon. Hey, I could click the icon. The icon brought me to a page that stated that I was a power user of YM. What’s the reason?

You stay in touch with tons of friends with Yahoo! Messenger, and you push Yahoo! Messenger to the limits. As a special thanks, we’d like to reward you with some perks.

Okay.. It means I’ve spent so many times online using YM. I think it was kind of reward from Yahoo! and I really appreciated it. Beside, they gave some extra features to the power user. Like changing the power user icon, access to special avatars called Power User Luau, IM environmet with pictures from Flickr, opportunity to join All Star Yahoo! groups, and priority to Customer Care services.

I know maybe I wouldn’t use all of the features they provided. But I think, it’s their way to show their thanks. And I really appreciate it. Thanks..

Are you a power user too?

7 thoughts on “Super User? Yeah, right..

  1. hehehe i know it a long time a go when i firstly install ym 9 in my computer… but i forgot. if i'm not mistaken, this crown can be changed with another icon right?? :hi:

  2. @deny:

    just stay online for 24/7..

    I guess they'll regard u as power user right away..


    yup, u could change the crown icon into medal, crown with another style, or just don't display the icon..

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