Memories of Sengked Valley

My short trip to Bogor this time sure brings back memories. It’s not less than 3 months since my last time here. Within this trip, I revisited my old a-place-i-called-almost-home. This place is Sengked Valley.

Sengked Valley?

For you who didn’t know, Sengked Valley is located in Darmaga, Bogor. The more exact location is near the male dorms of IPB. The name Sengked Valley has its own history too. The real name actually is Sengked. A year ago, they provided wireless internet access facility to their inhabitant. When I subscribed to their service, the SSID for the wireless network was Sengked Valley. So then we, all of the inhabitants, called our place Sengked Valley. So, actually it’s not even close to Silicon Valley.

The Inhabitants

There’re never many people live in Sengked Valley main dorms. From my major, there were only four long terms inhabitants and some short term inhabitants. And here they are:

adidm, a.k.a bang syadid. Born leader, hard worker type person. He entered Sengked Valley in mid 2005, one of the first long term inhabitant. At that time, he lived in Gerung building in the 1st floor. Among us, all of the inhabitants, he was the first who finished his thesis. That’s make us high-spirited to get our thesis finished asap. Now, he lives and works in Jakarta.

ndoet, a.k.a pandu. Very nice and friendly. Among all of us, maybe he’s the one who spent more time with his computer. If he’s doing his works in front of his computer, even dinner can’t distract him. He was the room mate of adidm. Now, he also lives and works at Jakarta.

fe, a.k.a ferdi. Smart and strong minded person. He’s the one and only, who had Cum Laude amongs us. He has the respect of the others. He’s my room mate at our first semester, but then I moved on my private room on the next semester. Like the two I mentioned before, he lives and works at Jakarta now.

denymaoeth, a.k.a deny. A man with strong principles. After he decided something, he will never back down. A man that you can relied on. Officially he’s not registered as inhabitants. But sometimes, usually when exam comes, he asked my permission to study at my room. So he became my temporary room mate. Thanks to him, I have study partner. Because his family live in Jakarta, he also works there now.

khadi-kun. You can mock him, but he’ll never angry. He’s a kind person. He has determination and never feel shame to learn. Up until I write this, he hasn’t graduated yet. But I hope he will soon. He only live in Sengked Valley for 3 or 4 semesters before he decided to come and back from Jakarta.

curisu, a.k.a kikis. He was my room mate from the last year before I graduated. He’s nice and caring person. He always give me some useful suggestions for me. Until I write this, he still live at Sengked Valley and hasn’t graduated yet. I hope he’ll soon. Good luck bro!

That’s just the inhabitants. Wanna know what we’re doing there ? Stay tuned..

6 thoughts on “Memories of Sengked Valley

  1. You can mock him, but he’ll never angry

    Hmm, you dont know what this person will do if he is angry, do you?

    He will mess your room, destroy your goods, and another doing horrible things, such as :ngamuk: and :marah: hahaha…

    So, be careful..


  2. hehe..sengked valley is the memorial's a part of my life and all of us..sometime, i want to come back…it's a place full of imagine..however…what????hehe..who can continue it?

  3. so nice, make me feel back to the past,thanks for arief.

    thanks too for arief, because of him i had a study partner and peaceful place to learn like Sengked Valley.together we share our mind and learn new things.

    you are lovely person, kind a good person. nice to know you bro….

  4. :keren:

    Sengked valley is memorial place for me…coz in there, i has spent 4 years to finished my study…

    Sengked valley is memorial place for me…coz in there, i possessed 4 friends, they are syadid, arif and ferdi that always support me, discuss with me, hang out with me and eat in dahan with me..

    Thanks bro…i won't forget you my friend…. :nangis:

  5. @adidm:

    however, you have another place to go.. he3..

    right? continue your live..


    I should be the one who said thanks… because of you, I could get this far..

    so Thanks a lot..


    I'll never forget you too bro…!!

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