In the Name of Chat

ChatZilla, an IRC client (Firefox addon)
ChatZilla, an IRC client (Firefox addon)


A month ago, my friends and me started to hold a conference chat. In this chat, we’ll try to speak (or write) in English. The aim is to improve our English conversation skill. We’ve been using some chatting styles, and in this post I wanna share it to y’all.

Our first meeting, we were using conference chat provided by YM. Using this, we could invite any friends that we want to join. It has great features, like the normal YM chat, such as emoticons, voice chat, and so on. But the problem arise when one of the chatter has a bad connection. He/she got disconnected, but his/her name was still on the list. They couldn’t invited anymore. We’ve used this style for a week or two, then I was thinking about another style of chat. I was looking for an AJAX-based chat in a web page.

So, I googled and stumbled in Gabbly. I embedded it on my aggregator page. We tried it for one meeting. And we got a problem. Some of my friends couldn’t access the page at all. The page was too slow to load. So, there were not many people joined us that time. It made me think of another way. Something more stable and low bandwidth requirement.

Then I remembered IRC. Years ago, IRC was the main chatting style. And it still exists until now. So I found this server, TheOneServ. This server based in Indonesia, and I can register a channel for free. So I registered a channel for us. As for the client softwares, we can use ChatZilla (an add ons for Firefox). One of my friends asked me if she could use IRC client for mobile. I googled and found jmIrc. It’s Java mobile app. So then she finally can joined the meeting (and exercizing her thumbs too). Well,  think we’ll stick with this old-style chat things for now.

Or do you have another suggestions?

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