I’ll straight to the point.

Today I got an email from my thesis supervisor. Right now, he’s in Japan, chasing his Doctoral degree. In his email, he let me know that Monbusho scholarship is opened again. He also said that he’ll give me subject for the thesis research. He’ll talk with his supervisor there to give me chance. I know that I should be grateful about that. And I am, but somehow I feel anxious right now.

First, I’ve sent an application letter to UGM. My application letter will be selected on this May. And, if and only if, I make it, I’ll into the class in August. I’ve prepared my mind and determination for this.

Second, It has been six months since I got this hydropneumothorax. If I’ll go abroad, I think I should consults with the internist first. I dunno if my body can make it there. This is the biggest obstacle of all.

And the last things, I should prepare my documents and letters immediately. The deadline is on May 22nd. I should prepare my transcript and graduation letter (all in English), taking TOEFL (anybody know where I can take the test?), and studying new language.

So that’s my story for today. I wrote it down just to redeem my worries. I think I should pray more. Would you mind giving me your suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Anxious..

  1. well, there's no one can guarantee that if you do something(for example like taking a doctoral degree abroad, or in UGM, or anywhere else) then you can be successful..

    the only thing we can do, is just do our best in whatever we do…

    So, i'll just wish you the best for everything that you do!! okay?! ganbatte and be cheerfull!! :D

  2. You know, the first thing in my mind i read your post was jealous :D

    You have ability to reach them, 'just a little' efforts, you can make it friend..

    About your body, Yes, you have to consult with the internist and make sure it'll be okey.. just try it and find the new experience live there..

    Hope you will make a good decision soon friend..

    Anyone want to offer me?? :hiks:

  3. I recommend that you should ask for yourself first,. The first emotion start from your heart (the spontaneous thing) would be a good sign for your mind and your start decision,. However, What you get is what you negotiate,. just believe what you believe, cause I know that you know yourself :)

    Good Luck,

    best regards,

    Safaruddin H A, S.Kom

    IT staff @ DPR RI.

    YM: casafa_23

  4. Hydropneumothorax?! Wew. Don't you think you should treat yourself, above all things? I mean, see the doctor and ask how to recover, soon? Syafakallah ya Rief!

    :wow: Well, your 'good news' is a good example that life is a choice. All I can suggest is trust your heart, for it tells you no lie.

    I heard this thing once, "life is a ship and you are the captain. You must have an island in your mind as your destination. Because if you don't have any, then you would stop on every island you meet." :cool: So if one of the choices really support your dreams, why not take it?! But if both are supporting,, hm, confusing. :mabok:

    I suggest you take the monbusho! Hehe. I once tried it and failed (the Undergraduate degree, back then when I was younger). I believe that your supervisor thinks that it is good for you. Well, consult your parents is considerable as well. And istikharah for sure.


  5. Oh, I forget. Take the toefl test at CLT (near Kariadi, jl. Menteri Supeno) or Alfalink (somewhere at Jl. Kartini). Both have international TOEFL test, cost you around 250rb rupiah.

  6. @hadi:
    jealousy is a bad thing, unless you treat it as a motivation to success..
    thanks for your support anyway..

    wow, you're working for the parliament now? nice…
    be careful out there, the higher the position, the wind will be gusty..

    Thank you for the inspiration and the pray..
    CLT and Alfalink, I'll keep a note..
    they just cost 250 thousands? I thought international TOEFL cost is around one and half million..

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