Short Break

Nobody likes you when you’re 23
And are still more amused by TV shows
What the hell is ADD?
My friends say I should act my age
What’s my age again?
What’s my age again?

(What’s My Age Again by Blink 182)

It has been a year since I paid for this domain. Hopefully with this new domain (at that time), I can improve my writing skills alongside with my own brand. I always wondering how it feels like if I had my own site. And now I have it, at least for the next two years (I’ve paid for the bill, Alhamdulillah..). I just can say that all the experiences I got from configuring this own site were totally awesome. I never imagine that there are so many new stuffs when I was digging deeper into this “blog development”. And there’ll be a lot more waiting for me.

I have my plan for the next year. I’ll strive to achieve it. Here they are:


I have a plan to give away merchandise to all of you, my readers. I always want to give a sticker with sidudun logo. Just like free sticker. I’m still looking the best place to print it. I have asked some of my friends, and they said that they love the idea. So just wait and see.

Going to college, Again?

Yap. I like to learn something new. By the time I wrote this, I have been registered as a post graduate student in one of university (in my country). I’m still waiting for the confirmation letter. And if it has confirmed, I will preparing the necessities and going to the college.

Looking for a job?

Yeah. As a matter of fact, right now, I’m unemployed. It’s not because of the global crisis. Nope. I just didn’t apply to anywhere, yet. I was on medication in this last six (or seven?) months. And I just spent my time blogging, babbling, and learning what I want to learn. Most of my friends have been enrolled as employee at various company (mostly in IT section). Here the jealousy comes to me. I want to get a job too. Maybe I’ll find it on my college time (Amien..). Or maybe you can help me? :)

Themes, themes, and more themes..

I really got into blog design. I started this blog theme creation about some months ago and I got addicted. I know that my theme maybe not the best theme in the world. But, I think they are good enough for me. Do you agree with me? I’ll still create new theme, just filling my 10,000 hours of experience points.

What else? One thing for sure, I’ll keep on blogging. My motives are clear: for fun and fame. So see you around the blogosphere…

P.S. 23 minutes before 23. I wanna be a better man.

5 thoughts on “Short Break

  1. rif, ralat.. judul lagunya bener tp yg bwin tu blink 182 ;p

    btw get older, get wiser ya rif :)

    btw lg dgr2 mau postgrad?dmn?UGM?ilkom lagi? (tanda tanya smua)

    lama ga ktemu lo ya rif, katanya gemukan ya? X)

    gw masi bnrin skripsi nih..yaa alhamdulillah sidang dah lulus.,

    tp wisuda masi oktober..

    gw jg ntar niatnya ke postgrad, tp ga ilkom lg X)

    udh cukup kynya, ambil spesialis praktis aja lwt training2..dan ngambil bahasa yg bnyk kynya..

    drpd botak kan di ilkom lg.. ;p

    hope to see you soon pal :D

    take care!

  2. fixed.. thank you..

    mau postgrad ke mana?? ke luar ya?? he3..

    selamat ya udah lulus..

    sure,, you can always find me here…

    take care too!!

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