I don’t know why, but I’m feeling lack in ideas lately. For your information, last month I only posted one article, and nothing more. I dunno what happened, but I hope I can overcome my laziness in writing then write a better post in the future.

Last, I hope this is not the last post of this month.

6 thoughts on “Dang!

  1. well, just free ur mind. uto fresh ur mind, can do some traveling or walking around ur town and sight seeing whatever u can see. then u gain the idea. believe me. meanwhile, i cant stop write every week. i have so much idea even though when my brain's stuck. so, welcome the stuck and break it.

    or maybe u can go to my blog. there is a new posting today, entitled 'Sebuah Negara dalam Kampus'. if u dont mind, u can read it and fresh ur mind then u can home to ur blog with the new idea. :)

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