Mr. Four Eyes

It was in the early year of my undergrads study when I realized that I can’t do long distance reading. At those days, we got a course on a big hall with more than a hundred students in it, looking at small white boards at the front of the class. At closer range than this, my brain could still run text recognizer to determine what sentence is written. But at this big hall, I barely see nothing but a black curve in the white.

So then, I got ophthalmologist checked my eyes. The result: my right eye is -0.5 and my left is -0.25. Not too bad. It still small numbers compared to the others. Because of this, I rarely used my spectacles.  And it has been continued until just now.

Right now, almost five years after that. Actually I just feeling my eyes were still okay. I could still spend most of my time in front of computer with no problem. And there’re no classes yet. One that just bothered me is just that sometimes I must close my distance with monitor screens to read. So I decided to check my eyes again.

The result was quite surprising. My right is -0.5 and my left is -1.25. The person who tested my eyes said that the result wasn’t bad after all these five years. Yeah, not bad for a person who spend almost 15hrs a day in front of his computer. But because of this increase, I have decided to use my spectacles. Just using it make me feel 200% smarter than before, he3..


8 thoughts on “Mr. Four Eyes

  1. Firstly I am astonished by the new look of your blog, congrats! Looks good :-)

    Yeah, I agree that 'having' four eyes always makes you look smarter. So don't even think to use contact lens. Hahaha.. But LASIC surgery is considerable, someday, if you really need to get rid of the spectacles for good.

    Keep writing!

  2. using spectacles = smart? hahahhhh…

    well, sometimes i hate my condition of using spectacles today. whereas, i dreamed to use glasses since junior high. then, my dream came true! i wanna my eyes turn back to normal…

    keep writing… and keep promoting too.


  3. @ayu:

    actually it's a shame for me, because I didn't create it by myself but just using premade templates. It's still a long road for me..

    yeah, I heard about LASIK too.. But my value isn't that big that really need a surgery… Well I hope I don't need one..


    he3.. I didn't said that.. I was just saying that using spectacles made me "feel" smart..

    sometimes you need to be careful with your dreams.. You never know 'till you have tried..

  4. well, it's look like a DoTA item for you..

    "The magic glasses" (orb effect des not stack!)

    – increase range of sight by 50 pts

    – increase intelligent by 200%

    – brilliance aura 0.5


  5. @fadh:

    be grateful with all we have up until now..


    nice to see you here again..

    he3.. add the stats with attack +250,, and I'm ready to go…


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