New Logo, New Theme


Couple weeks ago, I used pre-made template. I have to admit that the design is good. But there are some parts of it that bother me. So I decided to write a new design.

For this new design, I didn’t give a name. It’s a custom design anyway. I’m a man who believes in simplicity, so I’d like to write design as simple as possible. I also powered up the footer section. When I was blogwalking, I found some pretty blog doing the same. I like the concept and I adopted it in my footer. Maybe you like it better than the previous one? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

With this new design, I also created a new logo for sidudun. Just need some refreshments, no other reason. All of the credits for the icons and font creators is in the footer.

So, do you like it? Comments and suggestions are welcome..

8 thoughts on “New Logo, New Theme

  1. this theme is very2 nice..

    but y'know what, just for your consideration. Try to put a picture or something in every post.. that will cheer up the whole blog

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