Lessons from Apple

At the early 1976, two young boys created a prototype of a computer in their garage. The computer, at that time, could sell like “a star in the tight world of computer freaks.”. A year after that, an investor came to them and they started to build a company. These two boys are Steve Jobs and Steve “Woz” Wozniak. And the company is Apple Computer, Inc.
The story of the company begun. Their next product, called Apple II, was intended for personal use and sold like a candy. This product brought the company to its peak.

In the early 1976, two young men started to build a computer prototype in their garage. Computer at that time still limited both in hardware and in software. Among computer freaks, this prototype is considered as a jewel and sold good. A year after that, Mike Markkula, an investor, came to plant money on their new company. These two people are Steve Jobs and Steve “Woz” Wozniak. And the company is Apple Computer, Inc.

The Apple Way by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank
The Apple Way by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank

Late 1970 is the era of establishment of  software/hardware companies. Most of these companies were started from garage. Some companies were succeed, some others were failed to survive. Apple is one of them that could survive. And their story is considered as one of the famous story in computer history.

Talking about Apple is not completed without the story of its visionary leader, Steve Jobs. His innovative thinking has brought Apple products to the next level. And when we talked about its products, we’ll talked about the great usability, awesome user experience, and innovative design. Yeah, Apple is the first computer who use GUI back then.

In The Apple Way, Jeffery L Cruishank tried to dig the story of Apple. Not just the story, but also the valuable lessons behind it. At first, this book discuss about the backgrounds behind Apple’s failure in the mid 80’s that cause Steve Jobs to get out of the company. Then, it also discuss about the come-back of Jobs and how he created revolution in Apple.

Some parts of the writing is technical, like about gross margin, market share, and some software terms. But don’t worry, there are some great explanations about them. There are also some great strategic thinking and a lot of lessons about managing a company. If you are a manajer, or an entrepeneur you’re gonna like this book. And for you who are PC or Mac enthusiast, you will like this book even better. Let’s learn about the Apple way of do things.

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