Birds Theme

Birds theme screenshot
Birds theme screenshot

Today I deployed a new theme, let’s call it birds.

16 thoughts on “Birds Theme

  1. @ingrid:

    he3.. you just arrived at the right time…

    maybe in your next visit, the theme will be changing again.. who knows?


    menggemaskan?? wakakaka..

    kurang garang ya did?? :D

  2. Cerah banget… And berwarna-warni. Ketauan deh kalo maniak Twitter.


    Btw, aq pernah liat ada blog yang headernya pake flash. Bisa gerak2 gitu. Bisa gak bikin burung di theme-mu jadi bisa terbang kesana kemari? Kaya'nya asyik tuh.

  3. Wow! I like the nuance & the footer image! :D

    But, i wonder if someone use this theme and make some pages which is different from urs, is that okay?

    Anyway, i guess i'll make wordpress blog that included in my next life-project after my Scriptov mission completed! XD

  4. @Wid:


    he3.. bisa aja sih sebenarnya..

    but I'm not into Flash actually,..



    well.. this theme was specially written for my blog.. so if someone wanna use it, there must be some customization..

    I'm looking forward to it!!

  5. I like the footer.. Especially at the shadow of the rss feed. Cool..

    But I don't like the header. Maybe because degradation from green to blue or maybe because there is no "SUN" in your header sky. :D

  6. Good Theme bro and Good job…

    I like font in this theme.

    That font is very clearly and readly…

    By the way what kind font is used in Birds theme?

    I think i can use this font for my job,he2..

    1. Thanks..

      which font?

      I use calibri for the content, and Diavlo for the header..

      You can grab the Diavlo from the link in the footer..

  7. lutuuuu bgt

    eh sekalian bikin pas kursornya geser ke home ada

    sesuatu gtuh..

    kaiak yg di web yg kamu bikin buat temenmu…

    desain sich sy suka yg ini..

    tapi yang itu lucu

    pas home ada yg muncul dari belakang


    xD xD xD


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