I sent out my graduate’s application letter at the end of April this year. The application process was simple, thanks to the Internet. I just need to register myself to their site, print out the registration form, then send it along with the academic requirement to their office. The official site said that the selection will be held in early May. So I just need to wait for their calling.

It maybe just a week, but I felt like it was a whole month. I almost forgot that I sent an application. Until I got message from my senior classman in my undergraduate study. He wrote a message in my Facebook’s wall, congratulate me for being accepted in my new campus. Well, actually I didn’t spread any words about my graduate study to anyone. But apparently the news was spreading a lot than I was expected. Or maybe he’s stalking me? I tried my best to not thinking about it, I’m just a decent man anyway.

So I checked the site, and ended up finding my name at the list. I kept reading to find more information about what I should do next. At the end of the list, it’s said that the letter of acceptance will be send to us right away. All we need to do is just to wait again.

One month passed by. I checked the site time and time again. The site didn’t give any updates about the letter. So I got an idea in mind, why I didn’t ring them? I decided to give them a call. A man answered. First time I heard his tone, I could guess that he was a nice man. He talked with slow and polite tone. As expected from a man with strong Javanese character. He’s an administration people. The kind that talked to many people to help solving their problems.  You could ask a lot to this kind of people, and they will help you with all they can do. I do like this kind of people.

PostwatchlettersSo I was starting to ask him about the letter. He said with his friendly tone that anything about the letter is handled by the head office. The main office will sent the letter of acceptance , he continued, after they finished on selecting the candidate. So he asked me to have a little more patience. I thanked him and drop the call.

Another month passed, and nothing happened. The news at the site mentioned something about another programme, but not mine. My mom started to get some worries. She pushed me to ask again about the letter. So I gave another call. Still the same man who answered. I asked again about the letter. The man asked my name and said that he’ll check it on the head office. So he dropped the call, promised that he’ll contact me again asap. Couple minutes later, a message came to my cell phone. It’s from him, the man.

Your name is listed and we’re still processing it. Please have some patience. Thank you.

It looks like I need no worry anymore. All I need to do, like the previous day, is just to wait and be patient. That’s what I’m lacking of.

Finally, some weeks later, the letter was up. And I decided to take it directly from the office, not by mail. So I took three hours ride there and finally retrieved the letter directly from the man.

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  1. so it's show time then..

    when will you enter the campus life for the second time bro?

    btw where will you take your undergraduate program?

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