What would you like to drink?

“What would you like to drink?”


I just finished my order when the waiter asked me. I guess I have no choice. I, then, ordered a glass of ice tea.

Actually, the foods price here isn’t high. On some small restaurants, you can even pick your own dishes. It’s up to you how much do you want to eat. But, you must pay it before you eat it. The problem here is about the drink.

Based on the drink availability, there are two kinds of restaurant or cafetaria. The first one is my favorite, the restaurants that provide free drinking water visibly . They usually have some jugs or water dispensers with a bunch of clean cups. The customers are free to drink the water at any time as much as they want.

The second one, is the restaurant that invisibly provide free drinking water. They usually ask us first about what we want to drink using the magic question, “what would you like to drink?”. If you’re a shy person, you’ll just order ice tea or warm tea. But actually, if you dare, you can always ask plain water for free.

I’m telling you again, it’s not always about the price. The ice tea here is just cost about one thousand to one thousand and a half rupiah. It’s pretty cheap compared to the price in Bogor or Jakarta. The real problem is about self healthiness. Drinking too many tea or coffee is not good for health in the long term. Not to mention the sugar that accompany the tea or the coffee itself.

So, from this point forward, on my daily meals, if someone asked me, “what would you like to drink?”, here, I’ll answer, “just gimme a plain water”.

Credits: image Drinking Water by de:Benutzer:Alex Anlicker, licensed Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

8 thoughts on “What would you like to drink?

  1. same here. I always frefer plain water instead of another "expensive and unhealthy" drinks.. :mrgreen:

    your english is very good anyway.

    I envy you as I read your articles.


    and your blog template is eye-cathing anyway. :D

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