The Tale of The Scale

Either things go according to plan, or there is a story.

Solly Angel was in Thailand when he had this dream. He is a well-known expert in public housing policy analysis. But this dream is about something different. He was dreaming about inventing a scale. A scale? Yes, the scale was different. He dreamt an extra light and thin scale, the one that anyone can brought anywhere. With this scale, people who travel a lot could control their weight.

In his book The Tale of the Scale: An Odyssey of Invention, Solly wrote all the adventure that he got to achieve his scale of dream. Being an outsider to scale technology, he learnt step by step about what’re inside scale and how it worked. In the process, he designed, with his new friends, his own load cell and plates. He, then, also dealing with the patent and creating some contracts with established scale-company. But not everything was going according to his plan. So, there is a story.

The Tale of The Scale
The Tale of The Scale

You know, after reading this book, I never think about the same again when watching a scale. Building a scale apparently is not as easy as its look. Besides, scale technology is mature technology. Creating new invention in such technology must be more difficult, because you should be creative so that it’s different from the previous invention. In this book, I also learnt about how to deal with patent, manage the project schedule, and deal with a company.

When you’re reading the book, there are a lot of technical details about the technology behind a scale. From load cell and plate into how to test the accuracy of the scale. Like Solly, I also an outsider about the technology. And the explanation make me closer to understand about how a scale works, although I don’t think I can make it.

And right after you finished the book, when you see a scale, you will remember Solly Angel.

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