Why are you blogging?

writing So, why am I blogging you are asking?

I still remember the old days when I started to write blog. Like a child who found a new toy, I showed it off to all of the people. Not just showed off, but also tempted my friends to start their own blog. And I still remembered it clearly as day, one of my pals said these things. He said that what are blog used for? It’s just a narcissistic writing by some dudes, telling about their lives and bla bla bla. But you know that I don’t buy it, because you’re reading mine, right? And I don’t think I am a narcissist (0kay, maybe a little).

I’ll give you my story. It started some years ago. I was thinking it was cool to have a place where I can write some and access it from everywhere. Yes, I’m talking about writing on the clouds. At that time, I wasn’t thinking about what should I wrote. I just wanna write, that’s all.

Then I stumbled in this tech-paper. It has special page on them, featured some great blogs to visit. At the end of the page, they wrote an article about WordPress, one of blog engines on the clouds. After read it, I did some research about what this blog things. What is it? How this thing works? And as soon as I finished my preliminary research, I was ready to start a blog.

Back to the main question, why am I blogging? The reason might be weird. I love to read. And as I read, these words suddenly appear in my mind. Every now and then, all the books and materials I’ve read transformed into words stream that almost take over my head. One thing that I know, I should pour these words into something to keep me sane.

At my early blogging days, I arranged these words into something like association maps. I associated one word to another. I tried to find the ideas that can collect these words into a single post. Almost anytime, everywhere, I was always thinking, what I should write next. And here’s the funny part. Sometimes I got a good idea when I was taking a bath or (sorry) defecate.

So here comes the social networks. The microblogging (or status updates) has changed the blogosphere. Now, you do not need to write a number of paragraph to tell other people. At one side it’s good because you can read the main idea quickly. The bad thing, because of its limitation, sometimes you missed the writer’s points.

So, to sum it up:
Why am I blogging? To keep me sane.
Why I wrote this post? I wanna get these words out of my head.
Why are you blogging? Write it down at the comment section. I’ll be glad to hear it.

11 thoughts on “Why are you blogging?

  1. @hadi:

    well, it's complicated… he3..

    I'm not the one who made it.. but I wanna made theme using the same framework as this theme..


    hohoho.. great ho.. :D

  2. to store my ideas and concepts that sometimes just appeared in my mind when some moments/accident happened, in place that people might access also so it could be beneficial for them..

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