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The coolest moment here means the very moment you felt you are the coolest person on earth. Do you ever experience it? Because this is my blog, so I guess I’ll take the first turn to tell you about my coolest moment, at least up until now. I know that it could be a little narcissistic, but I hope you don’t mind.  Okay, fasten your seat belt, here we go..

It happened in the third year of my college. We were having parallel programming course. In the middle of the course, our teacher gave us some cases that we had to solve using parallel principles. The class was divided into some groups with their own cases to solve. Every group must presents the solution twice. The first presentation tells the parallel principle used to solve the case. While in the second, the group must shows the implementation of the solution they presented earlier. There were some weeks range between the first and the second presentation.

Dijkstra shortest-path algorithm ilustration
Dijkstra shortest-path algorithm ilustration

I was considered lucky as my group got Dijkstra’s shortest-path algorithm. The aim of this algorithm is to find the shortest path between two places using weighted graph. The hardest part is we must paralellized it, so that it can be implemented in more than one processor. So we begin our search at Google. Luckily, some researchers were already implemented it. Well, it took some times for us to understand it. But we’re ready for the first presentation.

So, we presented it. The main idea of the parallelization is to divide the graph into some grids. Each grid consists of some nodes. Then, each processor handle the distance measurement for each grids. I don’t really remember about the details, but I hope my explanation is enough.

At the end of the presentations, one friend of mine asked a question. This man is one of the top-geek persons in our class. He said that our idea will be hard to implement. He said that we couldn’t ensure that every nodes is evenly distributed on every processors. And here it comes my coolest moment.

I didn’t know what I’m thinking at that time. But I must say a word to defend our group. And the words unconsciously came from my mouth.

“Well, we don’t know unless we’re trying. Besides, we’re still students that in the learning progress. It doesn’t matter if it will be failed, but at least we try to do it.”

It looked like every single person in that room astonished by my talk. To be frank, me too. I never thought that I could say something like that. I’m still smiling if I remember that moment. This might be subjective, but I think that was the coolest moment in my life. At least up until now.

So, what is your coolest moment? I’ll be happy to read it.

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