The last few months

Dear blog,

Today is the last week before the mid term exam. Life is fast, right? I still remember when I got attached by this WSD, and now it’s already a year after that. Six months after that, I finally be able to recover. And got into this graduate study.

It’s a new city, you know? This city is totally different with the one from the old days. I can still found cultural politeness such as say hi and smile to older people. The great thing is, they all do it sincerely. The city itself is exotic. There were so many tourist attractions here, make me feel no boring.

The grad study itself is far different from before. You know, most of the people who took this degree are employed. They are older than mine, and they are busier. Thinking about myself doing nothing just made me feel bad about the time I’ve been wasting. But learning from an older guy sometimes can be really entertaining and inspiring. Adapting to new crowds with different ages is difficult, I know that. But I’m, doing my best. And yeah, I also practicing this book authored by Dale Carnegie about how to make friends.

Yeah, I’m reading a book about how to make friends. I know that I’ve been a little anti-social lately. I just can’t handle in the middle of crowds, especially when I became the point of attention. It just scared the hell out of me. I know I’m not good at making friends. Worse, I’m also not good at keeping friends. Feeling high and mighty, sometimes I could treat my friends really really bad. Although that’s not really my intention, but with this I also say sorry for everyone. I’m really sorry if I made mistakes toward you. I’m sorry if I made you mad. I’m really sorry.

Back to the main line. I also found some inspiring teachers here. Like this teacher. Up until this mid term, he just showed up four times. And I just came to his course twice. Hey, it’s not my fault. The first one because I didn’t know about the course. And the second was because his schedule is overlapping with another schedule. But, with just two class, he inspires me a lot. He reads the book I read. One day, he talked about a research by a PhD student. The research itself wasn’t so special because the products is already used in the real world created by foreign countries. But he stood with the student. He said that if we don’t wanna start innovate by ourselves, we’ll keep depend on others product. So he encourages us to do research, not necessarily a magical things that can change the world, but at least to make us can stand on our own feet.

The second teacher is still young, just got back from his PhD. At first, it looked like he’s kinda textbooks, you know like someone talks like the book says. But after some class, I just realized that his knowledge is huge. I bet he’s reading a lot of books, that explains how he knows a lot. His vast knowledge inspires me to work harder, because there’re so many things in the world that I don’t know yet.

Well, I think that’s enough now. I got something to do too. Wish me luck for the mid term exam. Thanks for reading..

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  1. wow you did write quite a lot in near time (bnr ga inggrsny?? hehe).. still, i like reading yours..

    Just one single magic sentence for you, Do your best brader!

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