Not on the same page


Okay, I just got this first assignment. Me (and all the other students) must submit a paper about some topics provided by the teacher. Because this is my first time, I just do what I can. I wrote it like I used to write in blog. By the end of the day, I finally finished about seven pages of them. I printed it out, booked it, and submitted it to the academic. Then, I sent the pdf version to the teacher by email.

On the next day, I met my classmate. He asked me about the paper. I told him that I have sent the pdf version of the paper to the teacher email and have submitted the “real” paper at the academic. He told me that he’s using chm format for the paper.

I said, “I think that’s okay, as long as you submitted the paper on the academic.”

He asked, “What do you submit to the academic? I mean in what form?”

I replied, “I printed it out.”

“You printed it out? I thought it was burnt on a CD”, he said it again.

“Huh? If you submitted a CD, then why we should submitted to the email?”, I asked him.

“Yeah, but you see. I’ve created a program to brute-force attack on Word’s encryption. Just to prove that it could be attacked”, he told me.

I was stunned for a moment. “So you created a program?”, I asked him just to make sure.

“I did”, he said. “If I printed all the source code, that could cost a lot of paper”, he added.

“And the code worked?”, I asked him again, disbelieved.

“Yeah, it worked”, he replied as if it’s nothing special.

“Well, I think you could printed your chm version. And then submitted the source code in CD”, I advised him.

“Yeah, that should work”, he said again.

Until now, I still surprised about what he was doing. I mean we’re not on the same page. Even, we’re not in the same book. It’s kinda like I’m still on the first page of the first episode of long going trilogy novels, while he was already at the beginning of the last episode.

I must be better than this. Seriously.

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