It’s a New Year!!


It has been a long time since my last post in this blog. I just wrote some posts in my old blog when suddenly it’s already 2010. Wow, time really waits for no one. So in this post I wanna sum up what has been happening in the last year. Well, I don’t actually do anything big actually, but I made some progress in live, I guess.

Here I come. I spent my first months in 2009 in my homeland. I was recovering from my illness and successfully gained some weights. I did some theme for this blog, exploring with domain and paid-hosting, maintaining my virtual social live in Facebook and Twitter. Anything that can be done in the house, I’ve done it. Oh yeah, I also created a simple blog aggregator or usually called planet to lists all of my class’s blog posting.

I also have an opportunity to continue my study. My college advisor gave me an opportunity to go abroad. Sadly, because of my health concerns, I couldn’t accept his offer this time (although I really want to). So I registered to a national university, and for the administration necessity I went to my old university. I met some of my old friends and my advisors. When it’s done, I went back to complete my registration.

Then I was accepted in the university. I’m moving to a new city. Finding a new boarding room. Wandering around and found some cool books in the library. Leeching on the university’s software repositories. I like this one. Because the repositories hosted by the university, I could access them locally just by connecting to the university’s network. When I tried to download an Linux image, I couldn’t believe the download speed. I could download an image about 700 MB size in just 15 minutes. Wow!!

Okay, so it’s 2010 now. The new year is celebrated with an examination for the first semester. That’s tough. While everyone else went home to celebrate a new year with their families and beloved ones, I must went to the city to prepare my exam. Oh yeah, I also found a cool stuff. It’s Posterous. It’s just the same blog with different concept. You can post writing to the blog by writing an email to them. I know, WordPress have post by email feature too. But in WordPress, that’s not the main posting method. In Posterous, post by email is the main method. You can also Autopost your writing to another (mainly social networking) sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, and many more. So I decided to create a blog there and will have some fun with it in the future.

I can’t predict the future. That’s why I can wake up in the morning and get excited about what should I do today. Like Steve Jobs said, “let’s invent tomorrow!”


Fireworks in Perth picture by Chris Johnson, licensed Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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