Yet Another Introduction to MapReduce (part 1)

There are so many article outside about what is MapReduce, the basic concepts behind it, how it works, and many other things. Even that, I still wanna write a little introduction to MapReduce. It’s mandatory, at least for me, to write about “something” in order to understand the “something”. I challenge my understanding about MapReduce in this post. I’ll use some resources available on the clouds like I mentioned earlier. This is just another introduction to MapReduce.

Data, Data, Data

We are living in the clouds era. Internet provide us with such a great resource to help our lives. In the progress, we created a lot of data. Consider a search engine like Google or Bing. They indexed all of sites across the network. If we are talking about sites these days, that’s a big number we are talking about. Netcraft reported that there are more than 200 Millions sites in the world. It means the search engine must process and analysis a lot of data. Continue reading