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About a year ago, I started an English conversation club with my friend in the college. Well, it’s not a real conversation club actually. Instead of doing direct conversation, we’re using instant messenger or irc. Later, I realized that I was doing it because of my own selfishness. I did it because I was lonely at my home, while my friends are on the other city. As expected, the club didn’t last in the long run. My friends became busier with their job and I couldn’t control them. Maybe they were eager to learn English, but they have their own business.

Now in my graduate college, I found that my classmates also trying to run an English conversation club. The great things about it, they are eager to learn how to speak and we can do it directly. We do it in Sunday morning under the tree in the campus’s park. I come twice and I started to love this club. And last day, we’re talking about my favorites: blog.

So, some of my friends didn’t do blog yet. I persuaded them to do it. Because, it can help them writing better. Then the conversation suddenly coming to how to earn money from blog. I have this one friend who started blogging just a year ago. He said that he already earn some doughs. Wow, I was amazed. I’m blogging for years now and I didn’t earn anything yet. So he told us about his blogging story, how he can earn, what to do, and the most important part, he encouraged us to start blogging.

Earning money from blog, while it is not too easy, also not too hard. The most important thing to do is just write on your blog. We should update our blog regularly. I know some people said that you also must be aware about search engine optimization or SEO, it means how to make your blog appear in the search engine better. But I heard one great blogger said that we don’t need to care about SEO-thingy  for the first time. We just need to write, as much as possible, as good as possible. After you see a traffic, then we can care about SEO.

I was thinking, it makes sense. If we wrote, let us say, about one thousand posts, then search engine will index our blog larger than if we just wrote one post. That make our blog become more searchable. The talk at the English club reminds me that it is possible to earn from blog. I will motivate myself to do a lot of writing from now. So, I’ll write in this blog and as for you please write your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Earn from Blog

  1. i'd ever talked with one of my friends who was a blogger as well. she has many blogs and she uses english as main language in her blog. of course one of the points is to earn dollars. she'd ever taught me how to do that, but i ignored it. coz i thought (for me) blog is not a credit to earn something. maybe i didnt think that yet. whereas it's good idea. :cool:

  2. @fadhilatul:

    yeah.. and now I wanna try it.. slowly but sure..


    sure.. you can join us..

    it's on Sunday and it's in the morning..

    PM me for the location detail..

  3. until about 5 months ago, i had a englsih club at my domain (around my home). Though just few people join us (4 people), we were happy. We could discuss anything in english for sure. But It lived in short time because one of use had to go another island.. How sad.. :hiks:

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