HTML: Alternative to Presentation Program?

Here is the situation. You are going to do an important presentation in an international conference. You have made your presentation slides, it’s like the greatest presentation in the universe. You made the presentation using the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint or Impress. You double checked your presentation and laptop right before you’re doing your presentation. Suddenly, out of nowhere, your laptop crash, error, bsod, or anything. You have no choice, you transfered your slides file to another computer that can do presentation. Unfortunately, the computer didn’t have the program that can open your slides. The computer has the older version of PowerPoint that couldn’t open your slides. Or maybe the computer using another operating system that your presentation program didn’t support. You’re panic and can’t think clearly. Everything went dark and suddenly you passed out.

Actually, this kind of situation can happens anytime. Even myself sometimes meet this situation in my campus life. It makes me think, what is wrong with the presentation software? Can we do something about it? Are there any solutions to this problem?

What’s wrong with presentation program?

On the situation mentioned above, the problem is about the compatibility among presentation program. Every presentation program has their own file format. Even if another presentation program could open the file, the slides presentation still will be differs from the original presentation we created. The compatibility among presentation program is very low. I know that the developers are working hard on it, I thank them. But it’s really really hard to make the presentation look exactly the same as in the origin program creator.

There are some solutions to this compatibility problem. Why don’t we use a presentation program that available anywhere without installing? I’m talking about the applications in the clouds. There are some nifty web-based presentation application on the Internet, like Google Docs or Docs for Facebook. With just a browser, you can create, share, and present the slides with these applications. Another alternative: SlideShare. You can create your slides with your favorite application. Then you just need to upload it to SlideShare. You can share and present the slides as the other web-based application I mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, these web applications have their own limitation: you must connect to the Internet in order to use it. Maybe you’ll say, “Hey, that’s not a problem at all. We have a great connection that we can proud of“. Yeah, maybe you’re right. You have the best Internet connection in the whole world. But sometimes network can have their own problems too, especially when there are too many devices involved. When we couldn’t connect to the Internet, we’re done for.

HTML as a presentation program’s alternative?

In this Internet era, every computer always have at least a web browser. The browser can display HTML response from the web server. Maybe there are some differences on how one browser display a web page, but a lot of browsers now is already following web standards. The browser doesn’t need to be online to open a HTML file. What if we use HTML to create our presentation?

Apparently, I’m not the only one that  came up with this idea. Some people has already begun to create some nice template to make HTML presentation possible. Let’s see, there are S5, Slippy, HTML Slidy, and maybe many more. These HTML templates require some basic knowledge in HTML (and a little javascript). But if you can master it, then you’ll have no worries to present your slideshow.

The impact of HTML5

If you thought HTML has limited slideshow effects, then you’re thinking exactly the same as I do. But that’s the HTML in the past. Right now, we have cool javascript frameworks  that can make HTML not just text and images. Also, we have the new version of HTML that currently under development. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s meet HTML5.

HTML5 have various enhancement than the previous version. It defines many new attributes like canvas, video, audio, and many other. This attributes can help enhance our presentation. Canvas, for example, is a tag that can be used to render 2D shapes or bitmap images dynamically. You can embed video using video tag. If you need more effects, you can always use some javascript frameworks or Flash animation.

So, why we are not using HTML5 for slides presentation? The answer is, some people already created an example presentation using HTML5. It shows us that HTML5 is quite promising as an alternative to presentation program. Now we can just wait for it being standardized. Meanwhile, let’s learn HTML5 to create presentation!

Credits: FLOS International Conference picture, by El Pantera, licensed Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

5 thoughts on “HTML: Alternative to Presentation Program?

  1. woow bagus ya, tapi mungkin kendalanya tidak semua bisa coding, yang bisa coding belum tentu bisa pake html5, kemudian alasan paling absolut org2 ingin yang praktis yang tinggal klak klik.

    1. Nice opinion..

      Itulah di mana programmer berperan.. Bagaimana kalau membuat program pembuat presentasi berbasis HTML?? Pengguna tinggal melakukan klik-klik seperti yang mereka biasa lakukan.. Program ini tentu akan sangat bermanfaat bukan??

  2. impressive…!!

    mas ajarin donk bikin presentasi kayak gituu…

    atau mas sharing dasar-dasar HTML5…

  3. Hi Arif, this sounds good. In fact, we are working on a platform that allows to do html presentations and share them online, it is under the name Slide Team. We kindly want to invite you for the beta testing soon.

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