Crunchbang Statler 10: First Look

I was excited when Canonical decided to remodel Ubuntu’s interface with Unity shell. I spent some times installed it and configured it. There are still some bugs in it (at that time), and I decided to try GNOME 3. When I was using GNOME3, I do some works with Hadoop. I use Netbeans and run Hadoop to test out my program. My computer is like screaming when I was testing my Hadoop jobs. Then, I decided to use a minimalistic and lightweight desktop manager, something like LXDE or OpenBox. After spend some times using LXDE in Linux Mint 11 Katya, I stumbled into this minimalistic dark Linux distribution website. The name of the distro is Crunchbang.

Crunchbang or #! is XFCE/OpenBox Linux distribution based on Debian. Well, it supposed to be based on Ubuntu, but the new version of Crunchbang (codename Statler) choose Debian as its parent. Maybe because of the switch to Unity? Well anyway, this distribution took my attention because one, it based on Debian (same as Ubuntu) so I think the configurations will not be so much different, and two, it’s minimalistic, lightweight and so cool. I decided to try it.

After spending some hours downloading it using torrent, I finally copied it to my usb stick and installed it to my computer. Well, there are some problems that I found after the installation finished. Here are the problems:

Grub menu didn’t show other OS options

I dual-booted Linux and Windows. When I installed #!, it said that the Windows partition is detected. But when I restart the computer, the Windows option didn’t show up. Well, after some browsing I found that I must update my grub like this in the terminal:

sudo update-grub

Restart the computer again, and it’s done.

Couldn’t click by tapping the touchpad

Tapping the touchpad to click haven’t configured yet. After recognizing my type touchpad type (which is alps), I set the tapping in the autostart script file located in /home/USERNAME/.config/openbox/  is the script that being executed when OpenBox booting up. So I added it on the end of file:

synclient VertEdgeScroll=1 &
synclient TapButton1=1 & 

Couldn’t detect NTFS Partitions

Well, the NTFS partitions is not detected by #!. I found that it can be handled using ntfs-config. I installed it and run the configuration using this command:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config
gksu ntfs-config

Alsa Mixer volume keybinding

When I tried to listen to the music,the volume is too loud. The volume control switch in my computer didn’t work. So  I decided to create a shortcut to change the music sounds. To do this I add configuration to an xml file in /home/USERNAME/.config/openbox/rc.xml :

<keybind key="W-Up">
     <action name="Execute">
       <command>amixer set Master 5%+</command>
<keybind key="W-Down">
     <action name="Execute">
       <command>amixer set Master 5%-</command>

It means I use Super + Up button to increase the volume by 5% and Super + Down button to decrease the volume by 5%.

Now my Crunchbang is functional. It’s fun, I think I’ll do something with it. Have your comments please.. :)

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