Browse Anonymously with Tor

Universities or companies tend to have a very strict Internet access policy. They usually deployed a proxy server to filter and denied access to some websites that they thought could be dangerous to them. Sometimes they just block access to several social networking sites or certain email providers to restrain their network users for wasting their time to do what they called “unproductive things”. When I looked around to find a way to avoid this restriction, I stumbled into this great tools called Tor.

Tor (The Onion Router) is a free and open source software developed by the Tor Project. This software was developed originally to help Internet users from threat called traffic analysis. We might not be aware that sometimes websites that we visited everyday keep track about us. Using traffic analysis, some people could find out the sources and destinations of our Internet traffic. This could be used to track our behavior, interest, and even our locations. This risks is reduced by distributing the Internet transactions over several locations on the Internet. Data packages are distributed using Tor network using random path through several relays to cover the tracks. Using this method, no one could track where the data from or where it is going.

Using Tor network, you can:

  • Browse anonymously. You can bypass proxy or even Cyberoam to access any sites you want. Remember, great power come with great responsibility.
  • Hide your Internet service. You can publish Internet services such as instant messaging or anything anonymously. Other users can also connect to your services without knowing each other’s network identity.

I’ve tried using Tor Browser Bundle, but I felt that the network connection is very slow. Okay, maybe my Internet connection isn’t that fast. But, at least I felt that using Tor is not as fast as using my normal connection. For bypassing some access restriction, I think it’s enough, but it’s inadequate for download. Overall, Tor couldn’t solve all anonymity problems yet. It still under active development. You still can join the project and make Internet a happy place for all..

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