Once Upon a Theme

When this blog was created for the first time, I used free themes available on any sites. As time goes by, I want this blog to have some personal touch. So I learned to create my own WordPress theme. I created some themes and install it on this blog. Some people said it was good, […]

New Logo, New Theme

Howdy, Couple weeks ago, I used pre-made template. I have to admit that the design is good. But there are some parts of it that bother me. So I decided to write a new design. For this new design, I didn’t give a name. It’s a custom design anyway. I’m a man who believes in […]

Blorange: a New Theme

Hi.. Couple days back, I’ve got some inspirations for my blog design. So today, I created this theme: Blorange. Unlike the usual, I used some images for email, rss feeds, and search button. I played with some colors: variation of black and orange. So, how do u think? Any suggestions?

Another New Theme..

One of my friends once told me that my previous theme wasn’t good for eyes. For your information, my previous theme, Dust, colored in maroon red. So I decided to change the theme into the universal color: white. I did some research, founding some examples. And finally, wrote this theme. This time, I called the […]