I am researcher and developer live in Indonesia. I have interest in distributed computing for processing big data and data stream. I spend most of his time by reading books, novel, or manga and writing anything he found interesting.

You could contact him by his twitter, circle him on Google+, and add him to your professional network on LinkedIn. He also has another radical[]rêveur, which is less serious and more personal, written in Bahasa Indonesia.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ariiiiif, :cool:

    nice to read your blog, and find you again in this world, after all these years since we graduated from elementary school. :nangis:

    Keep practicing!

  2. -hey, when i graduated from high school, i tried to apply PMDK to IPB in computer science too. but unfortunately, i was rejected then i took SPMB to register at another university. but my other friends were approved there. one of them is my best friend who registered in veterinary science.-

    salam :)

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