Once Upon a Theme

When this blog was created for the first time, I used free themes available on any sites. As time goes by, I want this blog to have some personal touch. So I learned to create my own WordPress theme. I created some themes and install it on this blog. Some people said it was good, but I personally thought that my themes didn’t have a good cross-browsers compatibility (although it worked on modern browsers).

Once again, I want to create personal theme for this blog. Creating theme from scratch is a pain. I must consider a lot of things, like cross-browsers compatibility, new features from WordPress updates, the upcoming HTML standards, and many many more. I decided to look for a WordPress theme frameworks.

Quick googling shows some great WordPress theme frameworks. They have many different interesting features. After I read and tried some of these themes, my eyes are fixed to these theme: Gantry Framework. This theme framework is created by Rocket Theme team for WordPress and Joomla publishing platform. This theme is easy to install, configure, and customize. Besides from that, here are some features of Gantry that I like best.

  • based on 960 grid system, make it flexible to create layout anything you want.
  • widget-based layout, you can put some things in widget and place it anywhere you want.
  • separation between Gantry framework and theme, you could update the framework without breaking your theme design.
  • home-page-post customization, you can create different layout of every page, post, category, etc.
  • it’s free, well it’s good :D

Another great thing about Gantry (and the other theme frameworks), we could customize our design incrementally. Just like what I did with this blog. For now, I used default Gantry style and just customize the header and page background. I have a plan to customize the style further if I have the chance.

I didn’t say that the other frameworks is bad. It was just Gantry get the job done for me. Whether Gantry works for you or not is depends on your needs. You must try and find your own framework that works for you. In the end, happy customizing your theme.. :D

New Logo, New Theme


Couple weeks ago, I used pre-made template. I have to admit that the design is good. But there are some parts of it that bother me. So I decided to write a new design.

For this new design, I didn’t give a name. It’s a custom design anyway. I’m a man who believes in simplicity, so I’d like to write design as simple as possible. I also powered up the footer section. When I was blogwalking, I found some pretty blog doing the same. I like the concept and I adopted it in my footer. Maybe you like it better than the previous one? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

With this new design, I also created a new logo for sidudun. Just need some refreshments, no other reason. All of the credits for the icons and font creators is in the footer.

So, do you like it? Comments and suggestions are welcome..

Blorange: a New Theme


Couple days back, I’ve got some inspirations for my blog design. So today, I created this theme: Blorange. Unlike the usual, I used some images for email, rss feeds, and search button. I played with some colors: variation of black and orange.

So, how do u think? Any suggestions?

Another New Theme..

One of my friends once told me that my previous theme wasn’t good for eyes. For your information, my previous theme, Dust, colored in maroon red. So I decided to change the theme into the universal color: white.

I did some research, founding some examples. And finally, wrote this theme. This time, I called the theme LeBlanc.

As usual, comments are always welcome.