The Tale of The Scale

Either things go according to plan, or there is a story.

Solly Angel was in Thailand when he had this dream. He is a well-known expert in public housing policy analysis. But this dream is about something different. He was dreaming about inventing a scale. A scale? Yes, the scale was different. He dreamt an extra light and thin scale, the one that anyone can brought anywhere. With this scale, people who travel a lot could control their weight.

In his book The Tale of the Scale: An Odyssey of Invention, Solly wrote all the adventure that he got to achieve his scale of dream. Being an outsider to scale technology, he learnt step by step about what’re inside scale and how it worked. In the process, he designed, with his new friends, his own load cell and plates. He, then, also dealing with the patent and creating some contracts with established scale-company. But not everything was going according to his plan. So, there is a story. Continue reading

The Catcher in The Rye

From my previous post, I promised you to write about The Catcher in The Rye, right after I finished the book. I’m not an expert on English literature, but I’ll share my opinions about this phenomenal book.

The Catcher in the Rye is a novel written by J.D. Salinger, first published at 1951. The novel was so famous, even has become a common part of curriculum in English literature. One of the causes that make this book so famous might be its correlations with John Lennon case. About this, ilustrated the horrific situation as follows:

Mark Chapman had just shot five bullets into John Lennon. He sat down on the sidewalk, took out a book from his overcoat pocket….and read several pages while waiting for the police.

The book was J D Salinger’s “The Catcher In The Rye”

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Write Free

By the time I wrote this post, I’m reading this book called The Catcher in the Rye. This book was written by J.D. Salinger in 1951. One of the most interesting part about this book is its relations with John Lennon murder and other various homicides. That’s one of the reason I read this book anyway.

800px-Fountain-pen-nib-fogI started reading the book yesterday and it already killed me. I very like the way the story is written. It’s just so natural and flowing like you’re having conversation with the person in the book, this Holden Caulfield. Everytime I paused the reading, I started to thinking about describe anything around me with this kind of words. Unaware, I criticized the people, place, or situation that shown in front of my very eyes. And I’m not this kind of people before.

Anyway, I was thinking, maybe I should write this way sometime. So free and careless, it’s like there’s nothing to fear about. But still, I’ll refrain myself not to speak profane as in the book. That’s the end of this short brainwash. As soon as I finished reading this book, I’ll write another post about the book.

Have you read the book? Give me your feeling about it.

image fountain pen by Przykuta, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Lessons from Apple

At the early 1976, two young boys created a prototype of a computer in their garage. The computer, at that time, could sell like “a star in the tight world of computer freaks.”. A year after that, an investor came to them and they started to build a company. These two boys are Steve Jobs and Steve “Woz” Wozniak. And the company is Apple Computer, Inc.
The story of the company begun. Their next product, called Apple II, was intended for personal use and sold like a candy. This product brought the company to its peak.

In the early 1976, two young men started to build a computer prototype in their garage. Computer at that time still limited both in hardware and in software. Among computer freaks, this prototype is considered as a jewel and sold good. A year after that, Mike Markkula, an investor, came to plant money on their new company. These two people are Steve Jobs and Steve “Woz” Wozniak. And the company is Apple Computer, Inc. Continue reading

Maryamah Karpov: Mimpi-Mimpi Lintang

Title: Maryamah Karpov: Mimpi-Mimpi Lintang (Maryamah Karpov: Dreams of Lintang)
Author: Andrea Hirata
Publisher: Bentang Pustaka

Maryamah Karpov: Mimpi-Mimpi Lintang
Maryamah Karpov: Mimpi-Mimpi Lintang

This book was the last piece of Laskar Pelangi tetralogy. It was my most awaited book on 2008, and finally it has been published at the end of year. So when one of the biggest book store in Indonesia gave discounts for it, I bought it without thinking.

The story of Ikal from the third piece, Edensor, continued. He already passed his thesis examination and went home to Belitong. Here, he caught up with some interesting events like the first-to-come doctor from Jakarta (a dentist one), his meeting with old mates from Laskar Pelangi, and his search for A Ling (Ikal’s first love). The last event has the most portion in this book. That’s what we’ve been waiting for, right? Ikal’s search led to an amazing voyage.

As Andrea said in an interview with local television, he found his spirit like when he wrote the first piece, Laskar Pelangi. But I still think that Laskar Pelangi was better than this. Anyway, this book still one of  the best book I ever read. By the way, what is Mimpi-Mimpi Lintang? Read the book and you’ll find out. As usual, you are welcome to comment.