The Coolest Moment

The coolest moment here means the very moment you felt you are the coolest person on earth. Do you ever experience it? Because this is my blog, so I guess I’ll take the first turn to tell you about my coolest moment, at least up until now. I know that it could be a little narcissistic, but I hope you don’t mind. ¬†Okay, fasten your seat belt, here we go..

It happened in the third year of my college. We were having parallel programming course. In the middle of the course, our teacher gave us some cases that we had to solve using parallel principles. The class was divided into some groups with their own cases to solve. Every group must presents the solution twice. The first presentation tells the parallel principle used to solve the case. While in the second, the group must shows the implementation of the solution they presented earlier. There were some weeks range between the first and the second presentation. Continue reading


My schedule for this semester was out. Differ from the time table I usually got in my old college, this schedule was arranged by the subject instead of by the day. I needed some adjustments in how to read the schedule but so far, I’m doing fine. The only things that not going well was about the schedule itself.

It is a fact that the schedule at the first week might dissatisfied some people involved. The chance of clash on schedule is pretty high. There were a lot of people involved though. So the first week is usually a mediation term. In the next coming week, the schedule will be re-arranged to meet everyone’s need. Continue reading

What would you like to drink?

“What would you like to drink?”


I just finished my order when the waiter asked me. I guess I have no choice. I, then, ordered a glass of ice tea.

Actually, the foods price here isn’t high. On some small restaurants, you can even pick your own dishes. It’s up to you how much do you want to eat. But, you must pay it before you eat it. The problem here is about the drink.

Based on the drink availability, there are two kinds of restaurant or cafetaria. The first one is my favorite, the restaurants that provide free drinking water visibly . They usually have some jugs or water dispensers with a bunch of clean cups. The customers are free to drink the water at any time as much as they want.

The second one, is the restaurant that invisibly provide free drinking water. They usually ask us first about what we want to drink using the magic question, “what would you like to drink?”. If you’re a shy person, you’ll just order ice tea or warm tea. But actually, if you dare, you can always ask plain water for free.

I’m telling you again, it’s not always about the price. The ice tea here is just cost about one thousand to one thousand and a half rupiah. It’s pretty cheap compared to the price in Bogor or Jakarta. The real problem is about self healthiness. Drinking too many tea or coffee is not good for health in the long term. Not to mention the sugar that accompany the tea or the coffee itself.

So, from this point forward, on my daily meals, if someone asked me, “what would you like to drink?”, here, I’ll answer, “just gimme a plain water”.

Credits: image Drinking Water by de:Benutzer:Alex Anlicker, licensed Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0


I sent out my graduate’s application letter at the end of April this year. The application process was simple, thanks to the Internet. I just need to register myself to their site, print out the registration form, then send it along with the academic requirement to their office. The official site said that the selection will be held in early May. So I just need to wait for their calling.

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