College Students, Your Job Opportunities are in Danger

In my college’s department mailing list, there is an interesting discussion about the quality of IT bachelor degree in the workplace. There are some reasons behind that:

  • The bachelor graduate worker lacking practical skills. They can not answer a fundamental question that every IT or computer science graduate should know.
  • The bachelor graduate worker also lacking soft skills, like how to speak with the higher-ups and communicate with another workers.

As a result, the companies prefer to hire a vocational IT graduate. Why?

  • A vocational graduate sometimes have the practical skills that a bachelor graduate didn’t have. Computer science or IT is a wide spread knowledge. It means you didn’t have to go to the college just the learn how to program. It’s all over the clouds. So the learning materials are reachable to everyone.
  • Vocational graduates are easier to manage. Some of them have more respect to the higher-ups than the bachelor graduates.
  • The standard salary for the vocational graduates is less expensive than the bachelor graduates. Combine this factor with better skills and higher respect means that bachelor graduates’s job opportunities are in a grave danger.

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It’s a New Year!!


It has been a long time since my last post in this blog. I just wrote some posts in my old blog when suddenly it’s already 2010. Wow, time really waits for no one. So in this post I wanna sum up what has been happening in the last year. Well, I don’t actually do anything big actually, but I made some progress in live, I guess.

Here I come. I spent my first months in 2009 in my homeland. I was recovering from my illness and successfully gained some weights. I did some theme for this blog, exploring with domain and paid-hosting, maintaining my virtual social live in Facebook and Twitter. Anything that can be done in the house, I’ve done it. Oh yeah, I also created a simple blog aggregator or usually called planet to lists all of my class’s blog posting. Continue reading

Past, Present, Future

There was once a man who went on a journey to correct his regrets. He tried his best to change the past. Unfortunately, the door to miracles never opened for him. He realized at the end of his journey, no matter how hard he tries to change his past, he cannot change himself. That is why he tought, instead of regretting about the past, what’s most important is to change the present for the future.

(taken from one of my favorite movie series)

The Coolest Moment

The coolest moment here means the very moment you felt you are the coolest person on earth. Do you ever experience it? Because this is my blog, so I guess I’ll take the first turn to tell you about my coolest moment, at least up until now. I know that it could be a little narcissistic, but I hope you don’t mind. ¬†Okay, fasten your seat belt, here we go..

It happened in the third year of my college. We were having parallel programming course. In the middle of the course, our teacher gave us some cases that we had to solve using parallel principles. The class was divided into some groups with their own cases to solve. Every group must presents the solution twice. The first presentation tells the parallel principle used to solve the case. While in the second, the group must shows the implementation of the solution they presented earlier. There were some weeks range between the first and the second presentation. Continue reading

Why are you blogging?

writing So, why am I blogging you are asking?

I still remember the old days when I started to write blog. Like a child who found a new toy, I showed it off to all of the people. Not just showed off, but also tempted my friends to start their own blog. And I still remembered it clearly as day, one of my pals said these things. He said that what are blog used for? It’s just a narcissistic writing by some dudes, telling about their lives and bla bla bla. But you know that I don’t buy it, because you’re reading mine, right? And I don’t think I am a narcissist (0kay, maybe a little).

I’ll give you my story. It started some years ago. I was thinking it was cool to have a place where I can write some and access it from everywhere. Yes, I’m talking about writing on the clouds. At that time, I wasn’t thinking about what should I wrote. I just wanna write, that’s all. Continue reading