HTML: Alternative to Presentation Program?

Here is the situation. You are going to do an important presentation in an international conference. You have made your presentation slides, it’s like the greatest presentation in the universe. You made the presentation using the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint or Impress. You double checked your presentation and laptop right before you’re doing your presentation. Suddenly, out of nowhere, your laptop crash, error, bsod, or anything. You have no choice, you transfered your slides file to another computer that can do presentation. Unfortunately, the computer didn’t have the program that can open your slides. The computer has the older version of PowerPoint that couldn’t open your slides. Or maybe the computer using another operating system that your presentation program didn’t support. You’re panic and can’t think clearly. Everything went dark and suddenly you passed out. Continue reading

NoSQL: the End of RDBMS?

What? NoSQL? Yeah, you read it correctly. NoSQL. I forgot when and where I heard about this for the first time. But I noticed about this data store technology again when I was attending the second Bancakan 2.0 meet up in last March. When I listened to the speaker, lynxluna, I remember about HBase, a scalable distributed database that becomes part of Apache Hadoop project. For your own sake, Apache Hadoop is just one implementation of MapReduce framework.

What is NoSQL?

So, what the hell is NoSQL? Here is the definition of NoSQL in Wikipedia:

NoSQL is a movement promoting a loosely defined class of non-relational data stores that break with a long history of relational databases. These data stores may not require fixed table schemas, usually avoid join operations and typically scale horizontally. Academics and papers typically refer to these databases as structured storage.

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Have You Tried It on IE6?

About a year ago, I created a blog aggregator, or sometimes also called Planet. This planet display all the blog posts from my registered friends. At first, I did it alone. I maintained and designed it by myself. And then, my friend Andreas wanna help me maintaining the site. So I gave him a role as administrator. Some days ago, he sent me this email:


Do you have opened the website in IE6? The layout and the design looks screwed :(

IE6 or Internet Explorer version 6 is a browser shipped with Windows XP. It was released in 2001. It has better CSS support than the previous version, at that time. The problem with the browser is it’s lacking support on the web standard. If you’re a web designer, you must know the designing problems in IE6 . This browser has bad reputation among web designers. Continue reading

Wanted: Superman

Some days ago, there’s a vacancy offer in my undergraduate department mailing list. A company is looking for a programmer. I didn’t pay much attention to this email. Okay, here’s the email:

Mr. XXX, my office needs a programmer with this qualification:

  • Have knowledge in VB, Java, and PHP
  • Have any experiences as a programmer/developer for at least 1 year in IT division or in IT company or software house
  • Have an ability to give product presentation to potential clients
  • Have knowledge in CorelDRAW and Photoshop
  • Have knowledge in Linux
  • Have knowledge in building computer networks
  • Have knowledge in hardware

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Earn from Blog

About a year ago, I started an English conversation club with my friend in the college. Well, it’s not a real conversation club actually. Instead of doing direct conversation, we’re using instant messenger or irc. Later, I realized that I was doing it because of my own selfishness. I did it because I was lonely at my home, while my friends are on the other city. As expected, the club didn’t last in the long run. My friends became busier with their job and I couldn’t control them. Maybe they were eager to learn English, but they have their own business.

Now in my graduate college, I found that my classmates also trying to run an English conversation club. The great things about it, they are eager to learn how to speak and we can do it directly. We do it in Sunday morning under the tree in the campus’s park. I come twice and I started to love this club. And last day, we’re talking about my favorites: blog. Continue reading