The Frog and the Hosting

Do you know the story of the boiled frog?

They say that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water,
it will leap out right away to escape the danger.

But, if you put a frog in a kettle that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant,
and then you gradually heat the kettle until it starts boiling,
the frog will not become aware of the threat until it is too late.
The frog’s survival instincts are geared towards detecting sudden changes.

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New Tutorial Site: Indonesian Way

While I was being jobless right now, I met some of my old gangs back in highschool. Luckily for me, they were computer-addict, just like me. We (me and Danu) did some chat and agreed to build a tutorial site: for dummies and in Indonesian. At least, this is we could do to contribute in Indonesian education.

The next conference was a mess. You know, when old friends met, they would tell you a lot of untold story, like him now engaged with her or where is he right now, how she is doing now, etc. Need some time to get them to focus about the site. But finally, after some efforts, we could get back to the topic.

We talked about the domain name for our new site. This is the most important and hardest part. It’s about the identation of our site. It should be short, meaningful, catchy, and zero-typo-possibility. Some ideas swinging around. From,, (what?), even x12community (with regards to Mijil, one of the friend involved). But then one word from Sasi silenced the conference. GIMANA. Simple, catchy, questionable, error-free, funky. Next, we agreed to buy “” domain. Just a moment after the conversation, I registered for

One step done, next step: host hunting.