Simple Crawling with Nutch

Like I tell you on the last post, in order to create automatic part-of-speech tagging for text document, I need to collect some corpora. In fact, because I wanna do it on distributed system, I need a large corpora. One great source to collect corpora is from web. But extracting plain text from HTML manually is quite cumbersome. So I heard that we can use a crawler to extract text from the web. Then I stumbled into Nutch.

A Little About Nutch

Nutch is an open source search engine, builds on Lucene and Solr. According to Tom White, Nutch basically consists of two parts: crawler and searcher. The crawler fetches pages from the web and creates an inverted index from it. The searcher accepts user’s queries to the fetched pages. Nutch can run on a single computer, but also can works great on multinode cluster. Nutch use Hadoop MapReduce in order to work well on distributed environment.

Simple Crawling with Nutch

Let’s get to the point. The objective that I defined here is to make corpora from web pages. In order to achieve that, I’m just gonna crawl some web pages and extract its text. So I’ll not writing about searching for now, but I consider to write it on the other post. Okay, this is my environment when I do this experiment:

  • Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
  • Java 6 OpenJDK
  • Nutch version 1.0, you can download here.

After you’re ready, let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading